How to Perform the Best Sex Positions Ever!

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Knowing the best sex positions to lose weight can be a little tricky. You’ll be able to have an amazing time trying them out, and it’ll definitely give you an idea of what position is “for” during love making. But do they really work? Well, not in the least. There are other, more effective ways to drop pounds fast. Here are three of them:

* Cardio Exercise: Running, cycling, swimming… these are all excellent ways to burn calories and lose weight. The problem with them, though, is that you may feel tired after finishing. This isn’t ideal for those who want to get their love life back on track. The alternative, though, is a nice, long, gradual cardio workout. If your body is already tired from other activities, that can work wonders.

* Diet: Don’t just go on a crash diet and expect to lose all your weight. You should still eat healthy and get regular exercise. But if you are feeling particularly weak or dizzy at the end of the day, a little diet might help. This should also help you last longer during sex!

* Creams, Powders, Applesauce: Yes, it’s true: some of these things are actually bad for you. They might help you lose weight temporarily by coating your skin or making you feel good, but they’ll usually leave you with some unwanted side effects. Stick with herbal supplements and lotions, which are just as effective without any side effects.

* Hypnosis: This can actually work if the hypnotist knows what they’re doing. If you find a guy who can help you with this method, be sure to check his credentials. These days, there are lots of “hypnotists” out there who claim to know how to put you into a trance. If you’re skeptical, look into online reviews for different agencies and people’s experiences. This method rarely has bad effects, so if it works for you, go for it.

* Kegels: This is probably one of the best sex positions there ever was. It’s also incredibly easy to learn. All you need is a firm, flat surface, a lot of patience, and the right technique. Simply use your hand to place your manhood inside his, and make sure that you keep girth and length in mind.

You may also want to try the following positions, if you’re still having trouble finding the best sex positions: doggy style, cowgirl, doggie, missionary, and doggy style (you can also use other variations on these, just be sure to keep them in mind). If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, you can try anything with a twist, like doggy style while he lays on the bed or a doggy style while sitting. There are plenty of ideas out there.

Now that you know what the best sex positions are, it’s time to actually find them. Try these ideas tonight! You never know – You may find yourself craving these positions after the night is over!

Remember, before you ever attempt to change the position, you need to make sure your partner is comfortable with it. He shouldn’t be pushing you away or having to fight you off. He should be leaning towards you and being relaxed, allowing for him to put his weight on you. There should be no worry about him pulling you off balance or struggling to stay on position. He should be able to relax and trust that you’re going to do the job.

Once you’re certain that he can relax enough to allow this particular sex positions, then you can proceed. Lay down on the bed and spread your legs. Make sure they’re straight and aligned. If they aren’t, then move them a bit to make them where you want them. Then enter one or two of the sex positions and have him ride out, staying perfectly still and focused on you.

You can always change things up in this position, but just make sure that your partner is comfortable with it and comfortable with the positions. You can either try something new or go with something that he’s accustomed to. Either way, this position will give you the best orgasm of your entire life! If you haven’t had one yet, then you need to get on it!

As you can see, if you can follow these basic steps, you can easily learn some of the best sex positions ever! These positions work on so many levels for both men and women. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not, if you know what you’re doing, you can get yourself and your man so far in the mood that words can’t describe. Just remember to pay attention to what you’re doing, and how your partner is feeling during the process. This can help you know exactly what to do during sex.

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